Our First Snow of 2020 and What I am Learning About Photography

By | February 6, 2020

Well it finally happened! We got snow! WooHoo…a good four inches!

The second week of January 2020…a fair amount of snow blanketed the Washington DC area. Schools closed as well as the Federal Government…because that’s what we do. We basically don’t know how to handle bad weather..so we freak out and over react. We rush to the grocery store to buy bread and milk…because we may run out over the course of a day or two. We stand in long lines at the gas station..worrying we may get stranded on the roads. We put chains on our car tires and rush to the hardware store to buy shovels and salt.

I grew up in the DC area and have seen this happen for decades. I giggle about each and every time. Slowly over the years…we get better about the way we handle snow. But we can only get as good as weather predictions. As the accuracy of weather forecasts increase, so does our response. It’s a painfully slow process but human behavior is also slow to change.

Anyway, we very much enjoyed our mini snow storm and I took the opportunity to capture the moment with my camera or cameras and learn more about photography. Being a blogger, I am trying to learn as much as I can about taking photos and playing around with different settings, apertures, and trying to understand more about exposure.

I also filmed a short video of our home in the snow, you can view it HERE.

First Snow 2020 Revised -4

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