My roof is leaking :(

By | December 3, 2019

Hi there,
I’m posting here because it’s Sunday night and I guess I’ll need to wait til tomorrow morning to call someone….. but I’ve just discovered that it appears my roof has a leak after a few days of rain. The area in the photo is about 6”x8”. There are no drops of water or anything; the area is only very slightly damp. I pushed pretty hard on the drywall in that area, and I did detect that it’s ever so slightly softer than the drywall in other areas. For now, I’ve used painter’s tape to attach 2 large silica gel packets to the area (I have no idea how much that might actually help). I have no ladder tall enough to reach this part of the roof.

My question is, am I in deep shit here (financially or otherwise)? Is there anything I need to be doing in the meantime to stop the damage to my house? Fortunately, the rain has quieted down for now and hopefully will stay that way. I just want to ask if there’s anything in this situation I should be doing in the meantime while I wait for tomorrow morning to call a roofer.

TL;DR My roof is leaking. I don’t have a tall ladder. Anything I can do to prevent further damage while I wait 12 hours until I can call a roofer?

TIA for any help!

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