Creative Ways to Make Use of your Floor Space

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We may not always end up with the amount of floor space we want. And it’s quite difficult to get roomy homes in the cities. So we’ve brought together a few pointers to help you handle your floor space in the best possible way.

1. Rent furniture

Floor Space- Rent Furniture

The best thing about renting furniture is that you can always rent it out to fit the size of your space. And once you move, you don’t have to worry about the furniture being too little or too much for your new space. Places like Furlenco have a wide variety of furniture that goes well with all kinds of spaces.

2. Mount your TV

Floor Space- Mount TV

A brilliant way to open up some more floor space is to get rid of a TV console table and mount it on the wall. This way, your living room seems more airy and roomy and gives more space for the sofa and the rugs.

3. Multipurpose furniture

Floor Space- Multipurpose Furniture

Use furniture that can be used as different things for different situations. Furlenco’s Bounce furniture has a lovely design where you can rearrange the element to fit your need. It’s a bed when you need it to be one and a sofa when you need to be one.

4. The mirror trick

Floor Space- Mirror

The mirror trick is the oldest in the book(since they invented mirrors). Mirrors welcome in more light and they seem to make spaces seem larger than they are. Invest in a lovely floor length mirror to do the trick.

5. Functionality is key

Floor Space- Reading Corner

Read up on minimalism. The key to making the perfect use of your space is to make sure that every single thing counts. Don’t add items to the decor just because it looks nice. Make sure that every item serves a purpose.

6. Declutter everything

Floor Space- Declutter Everything

Nothing makes a space feel smaller than clutter. So make sure you invest in furniture that takes in storage. The more things that are visible, the more crowded the space seems. It is okay to have empty spaces, it makes the space more breathable.

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