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Teeth Whitening 4 You]

Mold found in attic in house we want to buy…

House inspection shows mold in attic. We went up ourselves and it even has frost coming though, and we took phptos. There are two big spots of mold, I’ve attached a photo of one of the spots. My question is… Can this be fixed? We want to rip off the roof completely and redo it… Read More »

[CONTEST] The “1,000,000 Subscribers” date guessing game

So, here’s the deal – we are close to **1 million subscribers** and want to mark this with some event that we’ll forget about by the summer. ## **PREDICT the day we will reach this milestone!** We have about 886,000 subs at the time of this posting. I pulled our [subscriber numbers from the past… Read More »

Garage Door Sealing Bottom Corners

Hi, I just had a new attached 2 car garage built and my doors were installed this past weekend. I noticed the bottom corners of the doors there seems to be a small gap between the weather seal and the concrete and drywall. My concern is not only the draft you can feel but more… Read More »