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10 Easy Pieces: Holiday Bakeware

Now is the time of year for rolling, pressing, and grating pastry of all kinds. What’s better than a throw-away tin from the grocery store? Solid ceramic or glass bakeware that brings dignity to any holiday pie or tart. See our favorites here. Above: The Mason Cash Classic Kitchen Grey Oval Pie Dish is a… Read More »

The Remodelista 2019 Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday

You’re likely already familiar with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals at monster retailers like Amazon and Walmart. Here’s our guide to the lesser-known but more-anticipated sales (by us, anyway) spanning Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Above: Staub’s enameled cast iron cookware is deeply discounted over at Food52 this week. Over on Food52, enjoy… Read More »

For the Hostess Procrastinaire: 10 Useful Tips for Stress-Free Entertaining

We needn’t think about entertaining in a binary way: either a fully tricked-out fancy dinner party that requires wedding-level execution or a super-casual gathering that has the vibe of a Super Bowl shindig. There’s room for a bevy of other types of parties, and, to me, the sweet spot resides in that in-between area. Above:… Read More »

Steal This Look: A Hudson Valley DIY Kitchen by a Stealth Design Star

Designer Deborah Ehrlich favors deconstruction over renovation and reduction over decoration. Her 1722 Hudson Valley farmhouse is proof: Ehrlich opened up the floor plan, exposed beams and plaster walls, sanded the floor, relocated the kitchen to a room originally used to store wood, and then, she says, “just left it.” The relocated kitchen is now… Read More »

Holiday Gift Guide 2019: For the Discriminating Host/ess, Under-$50 Edition

Truth be told, a bottle of spirits will always be a welcome hostess gift. But if you want to make a really good impression (good enough to be rewarded with secret extra helpings of dessert), cross the threshold bearing one of these considered presents. Above: What we especially love about La Riccia’s free-blown recycled-Glass Ornaments… Read More »

Current Obsessions: Holiday Prep

Above: We were inspired to revisit our post DIY: A Thanksgiving Centerpiece (for Under $10) after reading the NY Times report on the history of celery, the “unsung hero of Thanksgiving.” During the Edwardian era, according to the Times, “raw stalks were arranged in crystal vases created specifically for the purpose of showing off the era’s ‘It’ ingredient.”… Read More »

Kitchen of the Week: Dark and Moody Kitchens from Pitt in the Netherlands

We recently discovered the Pitt cooking system from the Netherlands, an interesting option for the home cook. “Because the burners are directly integrated into your countertop,” they say, “and the technical parts are hidden below the countertop, you can determine the placement of the burners.” In the US, the system is available via AJ Madison.… Read More »

Expert Advice: Halloween Decor Tips from a Master of the Dark Arts

Our go-to Master of the Dark Arts when it comes to Halloween? That would be Claudia Schwartz—proprietor of San Francisco’s Bell’occhio—a sought-after SF stylist and shop owner who counts Martha Stewart among her fans. Claudia is a lover of the offbeat, and her last-century style (the way she spells Hallowe’en, for instance) has us inspired.… Read More »

Lundies House: A Historical Manse Converted Into a Hygge-Ready Scandi-Scot Guesthouse

Wildland Limited was founded in 2007 by Danish conservationist and businessman Anders Holch Povlsen and his wife, Anne, to help protect the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Since then, they’ve scooped up breathtaking property after property, methodically restoring and converting each of the 12 estates in their portfolio into guesthouses for visitors who like… Read More »

5 Baths with Simple, Artful Styling from the Remodelista Archives

Today we’re revisiting a few of our all-time favorite baths, notable for their simple, artful order: sinkside soap dishes and efficient medicine cabinets alongside candles, pretty cloths, and small sprays of flowers. Just add a faucet, towel bar, or robe hook from Hausera alongside. Photography by Matthew Williams for Remodelista. Above: In architect Sheila Narusawa’s… Read More »

Mark Lewis’s Neo-Victorian London: The Designer’s Inspired Reinvention of His Family’s Own Quarters

Back when we first met Mark Lewis, he had recently left a career as a set and costume designer to open his North London interiors firm. That was several years ago and since then we’ve avidly followed his many adventures, from inventing a historic Hoxton loft out of whole cloth to introducing his own line of… Read More »

In the Nude: Textural, Stripped-Back Interiors at a Natural Wine Bar in Paris

So often, looking at restaurants and hotels to write about, I feel like they could be anywhere—there’s nothing personable or intimate about them at all. Which is why, when I’m in another city, or even in my own, I love discovering the magic of a tiny, one-of-a-kind place that could only be in the place… Read More »