Building a Home Part 1 : What I have learned so far.

By | February 7, 2020

Let me first start out by saying: this is all new territory for us. We have remodeled two homes but we have never built. So… to say we have learned A LOT about building a home is an understatement.

Just Flow With It

I had heard HORROR stories about building a home. I thought “that won’t be us… ha!” We worked really hard to dot all of our i’s and cross our t’s. While our extra efforts have helped significantly, everything still has not gone smoothly. Life. There will be bumps, frustration will be imminent and a good crying session might be in your future. Just flow with it, cry it out and then get up and keep going.

What Comes When

  • Plans drawn and engineered – before you buy plans online, make sure you check with your state regulations. The state of Utah requires an architect to look at your plans and have them engineered even if you bought them online.
  • Get financing in place – many institutions don’t offer construction loans. So shop around to find what you need. AND shop closing costs as well as rates. My husband is a banker and did lots of research before on this.
  • Buy the lot
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